Environment Awareness Program in a school.

Source :    Date :19-Oct-2019
Enviornment Awareness Program

Our school had organized an 'Enviornment Awareness Program' for students and parents. Mr. Vaibhav Patwardhan, a herpitologist alongwith his enviornmentalist team members Mr. Saurabh Mulye and Mr. Shyam Kadav had delivered lectures to our students on a scientific conservation of animal species and provided usefull information to teachers, students and parents as well. Entire team has told an importance of reptiles in our eco system, talked about endangeroud species and how to save nature by some easy self efforts. Their team actually showed how to rescue reptiles from humen habitat and then safely realese them in to the wild (thier natural) habitat in a scientific and natural way. This was the finest experience to our entire school.